April 15, 2017

The Importance of a Site Check

Marketing is so much more than just throwing yourself out there hoping for a bite. It involves the look and feel of your website and marketing materials, the usability of your online properties, the messaging you present, your social media activity, your knowledge of the industry and your clients…and so much more.

This week we are going to start by taking a look at your website. First off, if you don’t have a website, do not pass go, do not collect $100….call us and let us get you online. If you are not convinced on why you need a website, CALL US and learn some important statistics that show why every business needs a website. 713-884-5990

Ok, moving on. This week we are going to look at 5 things that are important for any marketing effort.

1. Working Links

There is nothing more embarrassing than having traffic come to your site to have them find broken links. The first thing you need to do is take some time and go through your website. Click on absolutely every link and make sure it leads to a live, active page.

Before you start, get a notepad so you can make notes. We aren’t proofreading right now or analyzing pictures and design, etc…we are just checking links. If there is anything blaring that needs to be changed, jot it down…we will get there.  We are going to revisit pages often, but if you try to do it all in one sitting, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed and not being able to finish it all, so lets take it a chunk at a time. So get started checking those links and fix any links you find that are broken.

2. Check Forms/Contact Info

Now that you know the links are working, lets make sure that when people go to contact you the right information is there. Check phone numbers and email addresses. Also go to any form on your site and go through the process of filling it out. Make sure you like the process (jot down any notes of changes you want to make) but first and foremost, make sure the contact form info gets sent to the right place. If you find any contact issues fix them asap.

3. Image Check

Broken images can make a beautiful website look awful, in a hurry. Go through the site and make sure all of the images on the site are there and look crisp. Pixelated images and logos will make it look like you don’t care much about how you present yourself, so swap out any low resolution, pixelated images with something that looks better. Istock Photo is a great resource for great images, if you need some. This step can really bring your site to the next level, aesthetically so don’t skip this one 🙂

4. Content Checklist

When people land on your website they want to get information. Lack of content will leave your site visitor lacking, and you don’t want that. You need to say a lot without saying too much. Go through each page of your site and make a note of what pages need more content…but don’t start writing yet, save that for next week when we talk about messaging.

As you go through pages consider making notes like this:

Public Relations page needs basic info- what we do, why pr is good…include links on the page for more information: brand building, messaging, press releases

A content rich website is so wonderful and if you can break it up by offering links to interior pages of the site from the main pages you visitors can choose to read more or to just contact you because what you put was enough.

5. Calls to Action

Your website serves a purpose, and one major mistake that many business owners make is assuming people know what the purpose is. You need to make sure your message is understandable by the most simple person who could find it. You also need to make sure that you have a call to action on EVERY page. SO…today just go through every page and jot some notes that look like this:

Home Page- Call Today for Free Marketing Message, Contact Us, Sign up for Newsletter

About Page- No Call to Action

SEO- Call for More information, Get Free marketing Consultation, Sign up for Newsletter

We are going to evaluate your Calls to Action in the coming weeks, so for today, just jot down what you have already done and what pages of the site they are on and we will analyze, revise and publish next week after we talk about messaging.

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