April 16, 2017

5 Yr. Old CEO Makes First Million

Now that we have your attention…take a moment to think about what landed you in this blog post. Did it have anything to do with you wanting to know more about the 5 year old baby millionaire? For most people, the answer is going to be an overwhelming ‘YES!’.  In the world of marketing,  headlines can be everything! Whether you are sending out an email blast to current and potential customers or sending out a press release to reporters the headline is your chance at a first impression.

We don’t really have a story for you about a toddler millionaire, but we do have some tips on how to make your headline really stand out.

Tip #1- Cut the hype

– Editors and consumers today are a cynical bunch. When they see hype in a headline, they usually don’t bother reading the rest of what you are sending out.

If you write a headline like, “Fantastic new product solves all life’s problems,” the reader will quickly toss the message into the trash.

…But if you write, “Survey shows most adults have allergies to five common foods,” then the reader might say, “I want to know about this!”

Tip #2- Cut the buzzwords

– Don’t include industry specific jargon and insider buzzwords in your press releases – unless the press release is being submitted to a tech savvy person writing for a tech savvy publication.

In most cases, if you write a headline like: “PENCILSOFT, INC. announces interactive, interoperable, cross-platform, multimedia solution”, it will be over the head of the reader.

…But if you write, “New microphone lets anyone sound like their favorite singing star,” you have something the reader can relate to and get interested in.

Tip #3- Drop your ego

– Unless you are a famous person with a big following of people eager to read about your adventures, don’t include your name or your company name in the headline of your press release or email.
Including these names might pump up your own ego, but it generally has a negative effect on the readers. They don’t care who you are – they just want to know what you have that might interest them.


…Instead write, ‘7 reasons why those over 70 should consider a reverse mortgage.’

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